Function Introduction


1. Players can complete daily tasks, and as reward receive activity points, exp, cards, coins, gems and challenge coupons

a) Players can receive a total of 3 new tasks every day

i. If the player has ≤2 tasks, then they can receive 3 new ones

ii. If the player has 3 tasks, then they can receive 2 new ones

iii. If the player has 4 tasks, then they can receive 1 new one

iv. If the player has 5 tasks, they will be unable to take on any more

v. After completing a task, players can tap on the New Task icon in the top right corner of the screen to add in new ones, if any are available

b) The upper limit for accepted tasks is 5

c) Players can tap the switch icon in the top right corner of the task to switch it. Each player has 2 free switches per day

2. After players obtain a set number of activity points, they can receive a tome

3. Daily tasks are added at midnight

4. Each week has an upper activity limit of 500 points. Activity points from one week can be carried into the next

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