Players can buy cards, coins, gems and tomes from the store

Daily Sales

1. Daily Items: The number and type of unlocked and available items will depend on the player's level

2. Sale slots: The number of slots for the number of items on sale. All players start with 3 slots, and unlock one more at levels 10, 15 and 20. The first slot is always free

3. Refreshes every 8 hours

Silver Coins Edit

Silver coins

Gems can be used to purchase

Silver coins

a) 50 Gems = 500 Silver Coins

b) 475 Gems = 5000 Silver Coins

c) 4500 Gems = 50000 Silver Coins

Purchase Gems

Use real world money to buy in-game Gems. View in game store to see the cost in your local currency.

1. Packs come in a range of sizes

a) 60 Gems

b) 300 Gems

c) 600 Gems

d) 1280 Gems

e) 2980 Gems

f)  6480 Gems

Unit Tomes

1. Players can buy Tomes using Gems and receive a number of cards and some Silver Coins

2. Purchasable Tomes

a) Rare Unit Tome (198 Gems): 25 white cards, 5 blue cards, 1 purple card and 198 Silver Coins

b) Deluxe Unit Tome (888 Gems): 100 white cards, 25 blue cards, 5 purple card and 888 Silver Coins

c) Legendary Unit Tome (1998 Gems): 240 white cards, 50 blue cards, 12 purple card and 1988 Silver Coins

Pack Store

Special packs available for a limited time only. Check in game for the current special offer.

Challenge Store

Use *reward currency* from the Coliseum to purchase a range of items, such as Cards, Tomes and Silver Coins.

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