Function Introduction

Player info stats

1.  Change profile picture: Tap to change your profile picture and border

2.  Player name/Guild name/Player level: Displays player's basic info

3.  Change Name: First time is free, costs 300 gems each time after that

4.  Rank record: Current and Highest ever ranks

5.  Exp/Silver Coins/Guild Exp: Displays the exp, coins, and guild exp already received that week and their upper limits.

6.  Stats: Shows total number of battles and win rates by type

Player info most used

7.  Most Used: Shows the currently set cards for each race for both 1V1 and 3V3 matches.

Player info win rate

8.         Win Rate: Shows the win rate for each race in 3V3 battles

Redeem code

9. Redeem Code: Enter any codes received to obtain rewards

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