Function Screen Edit

1.  Player info: Check your player information

2.  Friends: Add friends and send messages

3.  Mail: Receive system mail

4.  Settings: Edit basic game settings and match shortcuts

5.  Phone info: Battery, time & pings

6.  Cards: Check card information

7.  Backpack: Check obtained items

8.  Video:

a)  Battle replay: Check previous battle information and videos

b)  Highlights: Check our highlight battle information and videos

9.  Career:

a)  Progression: Receive rewards and tasks once certain levels are reached

b)  Achievement: Receive rewards for meeting certain conditions

10. Guild: Can start or join a guild

11. Store: Buy and use items

Gameplay Interface Edit

A.  Duel: Real-time battles, Casual 1V1, Casual 3V3 or Practise modes

B.   Battle: Randomly matched real-time 3V3 battles. 'Individual' or 'with friends' matching

C.   Coliseum: Randomly matched real-time 1V1 battles, whereby all units are set to the same level.

D.   Adventure: Receive rewards for PVE quests

E.   Events: Check and participate in events, receiving rewards for their completion

F.   First Win: Receive a once per day reward for winning a match (resets at midnight)

G.  Daily Tasks: Receive rewards for completing tasks

H.  Tome Spaces: Players receive a tome after obtaining a set number of points, being able to hold up to three tomes at a time, which can be opened over a set period of time or immediately for gems. They contain silver coins and cards

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