Video highlight

The game automatically selects the most exciting matches and displays them here for all players to enjoy

1.  Selection Criteria

a)  Time: Must be equal or more than 5 minutes

b)  Rank: All player's ranks must be equal to or greater than Gold

c)  Collective damage per second: Must exceed a set value

i. 1V1: ≥ 340

ii. 3V3: ≥ 280

iii. Value calculation method = (total damage received both sides + total damage dealt both sides ÷ number of players ÷ number of seconds to the match x rank value)

iv. Gold rank value = 1.00

v. Master rank value = 1.05

vi. Grandmaster rank value = 1.05

vii. Legend rank value = 1.10

2. Weekly highlights ranking selection criteria

a) The higher the collective damage per second, the greater the chance of ranking higher

b) If the collective damage per second exceeds that of one of the leading top 10, it will replace the one with the lowest value

(1V1 and 3V3 highlights are displayed separately)

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