1. Guild not yet joined/Guild creation screen

***Guild not yet joined screencap***

a)  Joining a guild: Upon entering the guild screen, players will see 4 guilds displayed, from which they can choose one to join

b)  Create a guild: By spending *** gems, players can create their own guild, and choose their guild's name, emblem, and country flag

c)  Guild search: Players can use a guild ID to search for the guild they would like to join

2.  Guild already joined/created screen

Guild chat

a) Basic guild info screen:

i.  Basic guild info: includes emblem, name, ID, country, member numbers, level, experience

ii. Settings: Can change basic guild info

iii. Applications: Accept/Reject guild joining applications (only visible to guild leader)

iv. Check in: Check in to receive guild store coins (once daily)

b) Currencies: Displays currently available guild coins and gems

c) Chat: Guild members can chat with each other on this screen

d) Guild Donation: Guild members can donate and request the donation of cards on this screen

e) Store: Players can use their guild coins to buy items

f) Members: See other guild members info

i. Member management: Leaders can kick people from the guild, or transfer ownership of the guild to someone else

3. How to level your guild up:

a)  Every time a guild member wins or draws in a match, the guild gains experience points

i. Win: +10 guild experience per member per match

ii. Draw: +3 guild experience per member per match

iii. Lose: +0 guild experience per member per match

b) Once the experience required to level up is obtained, the guild will level itself up automatically

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