Guild donation

1.  Guild Donation Screen Explanation

a) Player avatar: Shows player's current avatar

b) Player username: Show's player's current username

c)  Player rank: Shows player's current rank

d)  Request send time: Time since request was made

e)  Currently requested card:

i.  Card image

ii. Card grade: White/Blue/Purple/Orange

iii. Donations received: Amount received/Total amount receivable

2. Donation logs

a) Donation logs button: Tap to open the donation logs window

Guild donation logs

a)  Donator: Shows donator username

b)  Donated card name: Shows name of donated card

c)  Donation amount: Shows amount of cards donated

d)  Donation time: Shows time donation was made (MM.DD HH:MM)

e)  Close button: Tap the close button to close the window

f)   Log record timeframe: All donations made within the previous 24 hours

2.  Request a donation function

a)  Request a donation button: Tap to go to the donation request screen

Guild donation request a donation

a) Card selection: Players can only request cards they've already unlocked themselves 

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