1. Base: Base level determines how many commanders and what level of units can be used. Destroy the enemy's base to win.

2. Units & Unit Buildings: Building Unit Buildings and training units requires resources

3. Commanders & Commander Buildings: Building Commander Buildings and instant revival of Commanders requires resources

4. Towers: Attacks enemy units that come within range

5. Mobs: Players can kill mobs to receive some resources and magic, with larger mobs having units that will fight with you when defeated

6. Mines: After defeating the mine defenders, players can spend resources to build their own mines

7. Strongholds: After taking control of an enemy's stronghold, receive a set amount of resources and the ability to place units near the stronghold for as long as the player holds it

8. Return: Return units within a certain area back to base

9. Scout: Gives line of sight (LOS) to a set area when used

10. Magic: Killing mobs will grant a magic spell, of which there are a variety, each with its own unique effect

11. Flare: Draws nearby units to attack units or buildings nearest where the flare is fired

12. Redeploy: Causes units to move in the direction of the redeploy command. Used to cause units to switch paths

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