1. 1V1 Matching: Randomly matches with another player for a 1V1 match

2. 3V3 Matching


a)  Teammate list: Displays friends ready to play with you

b)  Friends list: Shows your friends, whether or not they are online, and buttons to invite them

c)  Fight: Tap this button to start a match

d)  Mic and speaker switches: Tap to turn mic and/or speaker on or off

e)  Chat box: Used to send text messages to each other

3. Practice Battle


a)  Room list: View and enter rooms created by other players. Search for 1V1 or 3V3 rooms

b)  Room ID search: Enter a room ID to look for it

c)   Refresh button: Refresh the page to see newly added rooms, remove old rooms

a)   Quick join: Tap this button to be quickly added to a room for which you meet the conditions and isn't full

b)   Create a Room: Players can freely create rooms and set conditions accordingly (including match type, map, entry rank requirement, password and whether or not the match can be observed

Practice create a room

i.  Mode: 1V1 or 3V3

ii. Map: Obelisk Forest, Western Mine, Barren Mountains, Death Desert and Sapling Forest for 1V1. Death Desert and Sapling Forest for 3V3.

iii.  Required rank: Set a rank requirement for entry to the room

iv.  Room Password: Enter a 1-6 character password

v. Enable Spectating: Choose to enable or disable spectating by non-participants

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